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Currently, the offer of wedding and evening dresses is wide, so to help you choose the one and only dress, we offer you to get acquainted with the most current trends in 2023. The main thing is to remember that the most important thing is to be yourself and not only look great, but also feel the same, so let’s love ourselves and welcome every event of this year with Magical Beauty!

The trends of the wedding industry this year surprise with bold elements and the return of different styles that were relevant even several decades and even centuries ago.


One of the most relevant details in wedding dresses this year will be various bows. They will add playfulness to the image and perfectly brighten the silhouette of the dress. Bows can be both small as a decorative element, and in an impressive size, thus hiding a problem area or highlighting the silhouette.

Off the Shoulder

An open shoulder section wonderfully highlights the upper body and allows the bride to complement the image with beautiful accessories. Wedding dresses with open shoulders and long or voluminous sleeves are especially relevant this year.


The use of tulle and other transparent fabrics in the design of the dress creates an airy and free look. Often such fabrics are covered with pearl and glitter embroidery and lace, which makes the wedding dress luxurious and sophisticated.

90’s style

Wedding dresses and various elements that were relevant in the 90s are back in fashion this year. This trend includes square necklines, simple and flowy cuts, as well as voluminous sleeves and delicate straps.

Princess style

Although this style originated several centuries ago, from time to time the fashion industry returns to it, thinking of new elements. Also this year, voluminous wedding dresses with thick cuts, luxurious embroideries, pearls and layers of tulle will be relevant and in demand.

The fashion for evening dresses this year makes a bright statement –  expressive styles, bright colors and gorgeous prints will be relevant.Although the classics are always in fashion, they are complemented with various decorations to highlight the personality and style of each lady.

Various prints

The most trendy this year will be the patterns of flowers, color areas and stripes. Although these patterns have long been found in various clothing, their combinations are limitless, allowing designers to create more interesting dress designs.

Undergarment elements

The inclusion of undergarments in other clothes has become a bright and bold trend this year. In evening dresses, this mostly takes the form of corset-type top parts, as well as bodysuits under sheer or lace fabric dresses.


This trend has also been seen in different variations before, but by matching current colors and gorgeous elements, it has gained a new freshness. Asymmetry is a great way to model your figure and create the silhouette you want.

Romantic style

Romantic style will be the most relevant this year.The trendiest will be purple, pink and blue tones (both bright and pastel), flowers in patterns and embroidery, as well as frills and volume in various details. Flirty mini dresses will be especially relevant.

Gothic style

This style will be decisive in the darkest months of the year in autumn and winter. Dark colors (black, dark blue and dark red), various lace details and long, flowing dresses will be perfect for various events.