Vakarkleita VN064

To make every woman feel and look great at a wedding or any other event, the Supernova Fashion Group never stands still – it develops and improves, following the highest quality standards and beauty criteria in the fashion industry. Right now, Supernova Fashion Group has become our cooperation partner, to whom to entrust the wishes of even the most demanding customers.

Being feminine in all the important events of life is an art.

This is also understood by the outstanding designers of the Supernova Fashion Group, who are given the freedom to realize even the most unusual and daring designs. Once the designers have shown their vision, experienced tailors and decorators start working to create wonderful outfits from high-quality materials. Anyone involved in the creation of these costumes is clear about what is the perfect dress, what qualities it should radiate. Both designers and tailors gain this valuable knowledge by regularly exchanging experiences with their foreign colleagues, but it is undeniable that Supernova Fashion Group is always one step ahead.

The wide range of both wedding and evening dresses will not disappoint, the dresses are designed for different tastes. It is an individuality that is highlighted – coming with your vision and style, the perfect dress is chosen for any party or life event. The brand has taken care of the availability of sizes, also offering plus sizes.

Supernova Fashion Group is a combination of style, quality and luxury, which has so far delighted many women and will continue to create unforgettable moments in every event. It is a real pleasure to see these glorious outfits in the Magical Beauty offer, giving our customers the opportunity to meet the dress of their dreams.