It is often said that an innovative approach and following current trends is the key to success. We also want to continue to climb the growth ladder and offer new, modern options to our customers.

That’s why we want to share our amazing news with you – the Magical Beauty brand has started creating and designing its own line of clothing. Inspired by the fashion trends and in consideration about the needs of our customers. Our goal is to cover an ever-widening range of client demands.

Yes, you will be able to find bridal gowns in bridal salons, but what about bridesmaids and parents? From a beautiful holiday to a beautiful everyday life – the brand continues to develop and offer more and more clothes for different life situations.

Quality remains our priority, so the brand’s clothing is made using high-quality fabrics made in Italy, as well as exquisite lace. Costume sewing takes place in Valmiera – 100% handmade.

Together with industry experts, we consult and make corrections to achieve the best, most modern and high-class result. Paying attention to details, we make branded clothes with a ‘cherry on top’. Be it lace sleeves or specially picked out buttons – our vision is fully elaborated with nuances that will highlight the image of customers and make the dress more special.

Here’s a look at our first, custom-made branded outfits. The first step towards growth has been taken, looking at the future, we are only moving forward!