Year 2021 has brought many new and beautiful nuances. There are desire to enjoy everything and feel the real taste of femininity, through magic that lives in these creative dresses. Designers have felt and delivered new heights. Take a look!

This year’s most current fashion trends are the emphasis on the dress  sleeves – making them flare or choosing opposite fabric than the dress, which highlights their special beauty. Women’s hands are soft, full of love, this softness is not replaced by anything. By highlighting sleeves in dress this nuance  is a small reminder of it.

Dresses with sleeves that are  designed as artworks, will be very suitable for ladies who like to cover their arms.

The part of the multi-layer skirt with an accented belt is a novelty that has already conquered many countries of the world. This nuance remains in both wedding dresses and evening dresses.

Important nuances are the presence of elegant lace and pearls, because freshness in this year is a variety of pearls, glitters and shiny fabrics, which create a very gorgeous look in the overall image. There are lace with flowers, but still sewn flowers with beads are a special luxury, real handmade, offered by our designers.

What dress will you choose for yourself? – One that you will be in love after in 10 or 20 years?

It is great to answer my daughter – yes, even after 20 years, my dress is exactly what I would choose.

With a more important role played by suits at weddings, a completely new thing is to hide a short  suit under a thick tulle skirt, changing the dress beyond recognition. This style is definitely for young ladies who are looking for challenges and unusual designs.

The color palette of evening dresses is rich, from brights to pastel tones and even today golden and silver tones play an important role. Follow our news and newest collections, you will definitely like them. Our outfits are also available in a variety of lengths.

Where a beautiful lady, there’s a gentleman next to her!

In the 2021 season, it is important for men to make full sets of suits, which includes a jacket, trousers, vest, shirt and tie, cargo or butterfly. The whole set is coordinated in a unified style, which shows the significance, importance and personality.

Extremely popular there are unusual fabric tones, such as green, light blue, burgundy. As well as this season, the trend is double-breasted jackets and vests that forgive elegance and gives a more solemn look.

For a more solemn look grooms tend to choose a tuxedo type suit with a lowered vest with a round neckline that creates a very luxurious image.

Every man sees his wedding differently, so also a suit or the choice of a tailcoat depends on the groom himself. Those who want a wedding suit to be also used at other ocassions, makes it similar to everyday suit, but also there are plenty of opportunities to experiment with colors, pattern, and accessories. The tailcoat is a ceremonial gown and those who see themselves as the most luxurious in the image, choose a tailcoat. Choosing a tailcoat is a great way to stand out, this is the most elegant men ‘s suit and men shouldn’t  be afraid of it.

Tailcoats, one of the most complex men’s wardrobe products, and suits are offered by our partner Bespoke studio, where tailoring is already practiced for years.

Please enjoy this year’s offers and increasingly individual colors.