Kāzu kleita Avrora

Dear customers, we are pleased to introduce you to our new partner FeyaBridal, which offers very interesting and beautiful wedding dresses.

FeyaBridal started sewing and offering wedding dresses more than 20 years ago. The creator of the brand, owner Nadezhda Volos, initially designed dresses for herself, friends and family.

Even then, the company offered modern and unique designs created from the highest quality fabrics for those brides who were not satisfied with the range available on the market.

Later, this uncompromising approach to the choice of materials, as well as, of course, the impeccable quality of wedding dress sewing, made the FeyaBridal brand recognizable not only in Ukraine but also in many countries around the world. FeyaBridal signature interesting silhouettes, elegant and modern styles, easily recognizable and distinguish the brand from other.

We believe that nothing is more beautiful than a bride on a wedding day, and for this purpose FeyaBridal creates every design. No compromise on quality and price! On your special day you will not have unpleasant “surprises”. These values ​​are implemented in FeyaBridal and delight both our old and new customers. From high-quality fabrics and exquisite lace to the perfect cut, each FeyaBridal dress is designed to complement the beauty of the bride. If life is measured in moments, then this will be one of the brightest moments in the bride’s life with “FeyaBridal”.

We want every bride to be able to find what she is looking for. FeyaBridal.